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Personalised Packages

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3 Month Transformational Programme

When I work in clinic, I want to be dedicated to you as an individual.  My aim is to help you achieve long term success, so you can spend more time on living, and less time on worrying about your gut, your next period or how your skin will behave.  That’s why I like to work with clients over a 3 month period. It means we can really examine your symptoms and identify the imbalances that may be causing them. Small, yet sustainable changes can then be introduced gradually, which I have found helps establish these new ways of eating and living into your daily routine for life.  

I only take on a few people at a time. This gives me the flexibility to be on hand to provide you with the support, accountability and motivation that you deserve on your nutritional therapy journey. 

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Your personalised programme starts from £749 and includes:

  • Seven consultations made up of:

    • 1 x 60 minute health and diet review.

    • 6 x 30 minute follow up consultations, where we review your progress, discuss any test results and further refine your programme.

  • An in-depth food, drink, sleep and movement diary analysis.

  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to support you in achieving your goals with evidence-based recommendations, nutrition education and NLP coaching.

  • Email support between consultations (during office hours).

  • Access to your own portal where you can log your food intake for feedback between consultations. 

  • Personalised recipe eBook to support recommendations

  • Vitamin D test including test, interpretation and supplement recommendation.

  • Accountability, motivation and support throughout the programme.

  • Analysis of any stool, hormone or nutrient tests* (where applicable) to give a deeper understanding of your internal imbalances.

  • Personalised supplement programme* (where applicable), including 10% discount on recommended supplements.

Working with a Nutritional Therapist can be life changing. So if you’re ready to get started, then apply to work with me here.

*The cost of functional tests and/or supplements are additional to the programme.

Let's Talk

If you have some questions before you are ready to commit, book a free introductory call with me. We can have a chat about how you are feeling now and what your main concerns are. But most importantly we can talk about what you'd like to get out of working together and how you'd like to feel. 

There is no obligation to work with me following this call but it's a great opportunity to have an informal chat and ask any questions about my transformational programme before committing. 

Book in using the calendar shown and if there aren't any dates or times that suit you drop me an email to

Let's Talk
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