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Discount Codes

Image by Noemí Jiménez
Image by Katrin Hauf

My Favourite Brands

I'm always on the hunt for sustainable, clean and affordable products.  Whether it's food, cosmetics or health technologies, I'm always trying out new things! Here are some of my favourite brands, along with discount codes for you to use. 


Heliocare Suncream

Award-winning sun protection providing protection against UVA, UVB, Visible Light - including Blue Light from digital devices - and Infrared-A. 


10% discount code - LOUISE1060


Red Light Therapy

At-home red light therapy (great for scar reduction, psoriasis relief, pain and inflammation, skin complexion and acne.


10% discount code - LOUISE20636


Hunter & Gather

Mayo, dressings, sauces... all made without refind sugars, inflammatory seed or vegetable oils or grains.

10% discount code - LOUISEGOULDING


The Natural Dispensary

One stop shop for supplements, protein powders and cosmetics.



10% discount code - LSGLD10 


London Nootropics Coffee

Coffee but with adaptogens in, which support mental clarity and calmness. 


20% discount code - LOUISEGOULDING



Uses the natural power of sonic resonance to improve your sleep, calm your nerves and improve your stress resiliance

10% discount code - GOULDING

We may receive a thank you for you using the links and codes shown here. This does not impact the price you pay or your consumer rights.

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