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Diet Review

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1:1 Nutrition Advice

A diet review is a great way to get an insight into how your diet stacks up against the government guidelines and where it may fall short. This is for you if:

  • You want to find out how balanced your current diet is

  • You want to know which nutrients you might not be getting the optimum amounts of

  • You want advice on how to address any potential deficiencies with small dietary changes

  • You want advice on what needs to change to help you reach your health goals

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I will require a 7 day food diary from you, alongside a brief health questionnaire so I can understand your current health concerns and your goals. You will then get from me:

  • A full dietary analysis showing how your diet compares to the government guidelines for each nutrient

  • A 45 minute online consultation over zoom to talk through your health questionnaire and the analysis.

  • Practical and sustainable recommendations for how you can improve your diet to address any imbalances and support you achieving your health goals

  • A full report with the analysis and recommendations

This diet review is suitable for everyone, however it does not look at how effectively your body is digesting and absorbing these nutrients. Therefore for complex health goals one of my personalised packages will be better suited to you. 

Book Your Diet Review

Are you ready to book your diet review? It's simple, just book in using the calendar shown. If there aren't any dates or times that suit you drop me an email to

Once you have booked keep an eye out on your email. It's where you'll receive your invoice, meal plan template and health questionnaire.

Please bear in mind that you will need a week to fill out your food diary and I need 72 hours to review this. So book your diet review consultation at least 10 days in advance.

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